I Transformed My Living Room

I loved doing handicraft such as knitting, crocheting, sewing and quilting. Before you making comment about me as a good housewife, let me tell you my dirty secret: I can not cook and I don’t like to cook.

I simply could not understand why some people like to cook. For example, my husband, he likes to cook. It’s his hobby. Now, I had no complains about this. The problem was there is no door between my kitchen and the living room. Thus, whatever he cooked in the kitchen, I could smell it also from the living room. Even after he finished cooking, the smell was still there.

Luckily, I have the new Renuzit TriScents electric scented oil air freshener. My favorite scent is morning meadow. It is called TriScents because it has three harmonious scents that transition every 45 minutes. My morning meadow scent have waterfall mist, after the rain, and pure breeze scents that transition every 45 minutes. I just plug it into my electric socket and within seconds my living room smells as nice as a meadow.

Now, with the Renuzit TriScents, my newly sewed curtain and some patchwork on the sofa, I really transformed my living room. Not only my living room looks good, it smells wonderful also.

You can now print out a coupon from www.triscents.com for the Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit. There is two distinct fragance theme for TriScents which is the seaside breeze and morning meadow. Print out the coupon and get yourself one!