Romantic Gateaway

A romantic honeymoon, that’s what I need after 8 years of marriage. We have not been on our honeymoon since we got married 8 years ago. The reason being we preferred to save our money to buy a house.

We recently bought a house, and are now saving up for our belated honeymoon trip. We are planning to have our romantic honeymoon getaway in either Canada or New Zealand.

If we choose to go to Canada, we plan to book the “All About Love” package from the “Hotel de Germain Toronto” which is one of the finest hotels available among Toronto Hotels. The "All About Love” package has all the elements that we would wish for in a honeymoon as it includes a stay in a nice hotel, and a nice romantic candlelight dinner in a fine restaurant.



Borneo Falcon said...

8 years without honeymoon? Wow! That is one sacrifice. Well, I going to honeymoon next month, after 8 months been postponed. Hope you have a great gateaway

Daryl Teo said...

Don't worry better late than never. Hey u might wanna go Italy, Venice & Florence is really romantic. Just a thought & Happy Honey Moon. Good thing u bought a house cos' prop prices are going thru the roof, will expect it to get higher in months ahead with low interest high inflation. Good choice to buy a house first. A lot would have trouble getting onto the prop ladder later. Cheers!