My Favorite Seafood Dish

I love to eat seafood dishes. When I was pregnant I was always craving for some seafood. To name one favorite seafood dish will be difficult. However, recently I ate some barbeque prawn, and I really love it. The prawn must be marinated the night before, put in the zip-lock bag then kept inside the fridge overnight so it can absorb all seasonings and spices.

Another seafood dish that I love to eat is seafood spaghetti, especially with fresh clams. This is my all time favorite dish. To cook this, the spaghetti should be cooked first before it is mixed and cooked together with the clams in white wine in a sauce pan, and supplemented with fresh chopped parsley. For additional taste I usually add some chopped bacon and dried chili. It’s simply delicious.

To cook nice seafood dishes, we have to make sure that the source is known, it is local and fresh

I think in the incoming Great American Seafood Cook Off, this dish would be a great contender for a Cook off. I would like to see a variation of this dish.

I am very excited to see this event, because I am a big fan of seafood dishes and I think this event brings out the positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability.

What is your favorite seafood dish? You can write about it in your blog with the recipe :)



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