Baby Powder Not Safe For Baby

During the pre-natal class, the nurse told me that it is not necessary to use powder. At first I didn’t use any to my baby, however, later on she developed diaper rash on her bottom and also milk rash on her face. My mom told me to use cornstarch, and it worked like a charm.

Now recently I got a newsletter from one of the baby site stating that baby powder is not safe to use on baby.

Powder can cause breathing problems and serious lung damage when inhaled but Cornstarch, which has larger, coarser particles, is not as easily inhaled as talc.

If you wish to use powder, choose the safer cornstarch-based product. Shake the powder into your hand, away from your baby, never directly on or near her. Keep the powder container well out of your baby's reach at all times, too. You don't want it to fall over and produce a cloud of powder for her to inhale. Occasionally, you can use a medicated powder in the neck folds or groin folds as long as you don't allow it to build up.

Finally, to avoid irritation, carefully wash away any powder that may have accumulated in your baby's skin folds whenever you change her diaper.