Press Release: Reactive360 secures their One Thousandth Customer

Reactive360 provides 360 appraisal and 360 degree feedback, these are the two major keywords people look for when coming to them, they have just secured their 1000th customer in only 1 year of trading and want people to know they are the best online 360 feedback providers on the net.

Below is their Press Release:

In only just over a year reactive360 has grown from an interesting technical challenge to a fast growing business enterprise. Now averaging six new clients each and every day. According to the CEO, the growth has been staggering, exceeding our highest projection by two hundred percent. Using only google as a marketing tool the product website is now visited from clients and potential clients worldwide. On the day of this press release (banking in the UK) and (Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel) created accounts on the system.

When asked to explain the cause of such rapid growth, the CEO explained that;
Building the learning from past experience with the 360 feedback process into a simple to use on-line system has been the key, the feedback reinforces our strategy to continue to de-mystify the process and make it available at low cost. The new free product quick360 has introduced people to the process and sixty percent of the free version users convert their account to the full reactive360 process.

If the rate of growth continues at the current rate – the projection can only be positive.

Launched in May 2007 reactive360 is a global provider of HR 360 degree feedback solutions, since its launch reactive360 has generated interest from across the globe, the most southerly user account is held by Coca Cola in New Zealand, the most northerly, Pratt and Whitney in Canada. Since the launch reactive360 has developed a client base of over 600 companies including:

IFS Defence.
UHS inc.
Interbay Commercial.
Change management International.
BP pensions UK

Contact Information:
carter house.
28 castle st.