Bling Gnome

I read somewhere that 217 million people worldwide play online games. The study took into account all sites that provide online or downloadable games but excluded gambling sites. The 217million users account for 28 percent of all people online.

Now, as a person that doesn’t like to play games, sometimes I am wondering why people like to play games. According to my husband, which is a game freak, he plays games to relax his mind, to keep the stress down and to keep his mind focused. He said that playing games is like taking a break from the real world plus all its problems and having a short vacation in virtual world.

His reasoning compelled me to try it myself, thus I downloaded a new free game released by NCSoft called “Dungeon Runners”. In this game, players can obtain magical Bling Gnome that eat their unwanted items and turn them into gold. To tell you the truth, I had so much fun playing the game that somehow I offended my older daughter by ignoring her.


To attract my attention, she dressed herself as a Bling Gnome.

Anyway, you can download this game for FREE! If you want to purchase the subscription, or simply just want to download the free game, check them up yourself.

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners