Credit Card Spam?

The other day, somebody called my hubby asked him whether he wanted to open supplimentary credit card for me. Since it's free for life, he thought why not? However since he is busy, he gave her my phone number.

She did call me and asked me my email address to send the form. She also asked me to scan my passport (I am foreigner in this country) and email back to her. Since I was not comfortable to send my particular through email, then I called the credit card customer service and ask whether they can check whether this person and the email address is a valid and genuine one. The customer service said that they could not check, and tell me that they will send the form through mail if I want. So I said OK.

Today, that person called again and ask me why I still haven't emailed the form and passport to her. I told her that I am not comfortable and since the customer service of her credit card company can not confirm, I don't think I want to send.

She asked me to called the customer service again and asked them to transfer the phone to her (she gave me her phone number). So I did, and it seems she is a genuine rep for that particular credit card company.

Well, I think play safe is better.