About Dogs

I don’t like dog, but we have 2 dogs at home. A rotweiler and a Labrador. Normally the one that feed and clean them was my father in law. However, since he is currently have to stay in the hospital for his bypass surgery, I have to take over his job to take care these 2 dogs.

The feeding part is OK, but I don’t like the cleaning part. Sometimes, I am wondering whether we can toilet train them. My research in the net shows that it is possible, but we have to start training them since they are puppies.



garry said...

I dont think anybody can like the cleaning part. It use to bother me, but now I just get on with it, without even thinking about it.

michy said...

i like dogs too, but i don't like to get one for myself... they are a responsibility and i hate people who gets one but does not know how to be resposible for them... my brother has a shitsu(i don't know if i spelled that right) which is mixed with a poodle breed.

Borneo Falcon said...

Those are really violent dogs you have there