Normal or Nuts?

Do you have a quirk or a habit? If you think you have, you should read the “Are You Normal or Nuts?” section in the Reader's Digest. You can read many examples of other people’s quirk and have a good laugh to read them.

My favorite one is about somebody’s mother who loves to move around furniture, and she is already 70 years old. She must be a very strong lady. When I read this, I remember about my husband’s aunty. She is also in her 70’s and she loves to clean house. From morning to dawn she dedicated her attention and energy to clean her house. Sometimes she even sweeps the road outside her house.

I think everybody has their own quirk. My own quirk is that I love to read the same books over and over again. Even I already read it many times, I still able to laugh or cry when I read it.

Let's face it! We're all a little nutty, but sometimes it's good to share it with the world and most of all, laugh about it!! If you want to share your own nuttiness or want to read other people’s quirk, you can go to Reader's Digest Laughs and click on "Are You Normal or Nuts?" section.

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Hendrawan said...

that book look funny..

anneberly said...

well most of the time Iam nuts...lols.. thanks for this entertaining post. Personal Blog Money
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