Amos Tamam

Do you know that the wealthy businessman behind the technology that put credit-card machines in taxis is also an actor. He is a president and CEO of VeriFone Transportation Systems. He is one of those people who lucky enough to have both business and artistic sense. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel on 6 September 1977, he acts in 4 different movies.

Here is the overview
Name: Amos Tamam
Date of Birth:
6 September 1977, Tel Aviv, Israel

1. "Srugim" (2008) TV series .... Amir
2. Giborim Ktanim (2006) .... Police Officer
... aka Little Heroes (USA)
3. Shalosh Ima'ot (2006)
... aka Three Mothers (International: English title)
4. "Shir Shelanu, Ha-" (2004) TV series .... Yariv Arad (unknown episodes, 2004-2005)
... aka Our Song (International: English title)



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