Viral Marketing Blog

The first time I heard about viral marketing, I thought it had something to do with marketing a virus. It turned out that what I assumed was completely wrong.

Viral marketing describes any efforts that encourage people to pass a certain message to other people through the internet. The idea is to pass the message along to as many people as possible through the internet. Thus, if one person passes the message to 10 people, and each of them in turn passes it on to another 10 people, definitely this message can reach thousands or even millions of people.

Off course in order for people to pass a certain message, they have to like to what they read, hear, or see. The real intent of the message is to advertise a certain product, but if you can make the advertisement attractive, or include a certain element that attracts people to read, hear, or watch it, there is a good chance that your advertisement can spread very fast.

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