Address Labels

Every month, I have to post my check to pay my credit card bills, phone bills, utility bills, etc. I think I sent out about close to 10 mails every month. The part that I don’t like is to write the return address. Although the task seems quite simple, it can be pretty challenging when we have to send quite a number of letters. Having to write the return address on every letter bored me, not to mention time consuming.

Beside that, festive seasons are coming soon. Although I can just send e-card by email to some of my friends, but I still have to send card conventional way to my family. I also found that I prefer to receive greeting card by mail rather than by e-mail. So, I guess, everybody also feels the same.

I am thinking to buy Address Labels, so I can just stick the label on the envelope. I found a good bargain at VistaPrint. Their Address Labels are starting at $7.99 for 140 piece. If you want to get 50% discount off your address label purchase, make sure you type the code: Labels50

VistaPrint is making high-quality graphic design and custom printing convenient and affordable for everyone. With more than 15 million customers worldwide, VistaPrint is a leading online supplier of high-quality graphic design services and customized printed products to small businesses and consumers.



aikoaiko said...

the labels looks very convenient!

idealpinkrose said...

hi~ thanks for visiting allinkorea.

have a good evening!

Michelle said...

we use to order from vista prin a while ago until they kept sending us so much junk emails and we found they were charging our credit card for some stupid club savings membership, we found another website that we now usually order from regularly, they are cheaper, no junk emails and usually get our labels in 3-5 days.