My father in law recently underwent a heart bypass surgery, it all went well and now he is recovering. I read somewhere that heart disease is hereditary. Some studies suggest that if there is a family history of heart attacks, it accounts for up to 15 percent of the risk of an individual suffering from a heart attack. People with a positive family history of heart attacks, or have an increased risk for heart disease because of other risk factors, should aggressively modify those risk factors that they can control.

C'elle menstrual stem cells have demonstrated the ability to differentiate into other cell types such as heart muscle, cartilage, nerve and bone stem cells. This translates into the potential for future therapeutic developments to possibly treat major diseases like, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, MS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

I am really glad to hear About the Science, as I can see that the benefits of this research will help to prolong the life of a human being. We really cannot predict the future, but if we can use our menstrual blood as a potential treatment for life-threatening diseases that we might suffer in the future, I really don’t mind investing in C'elle.

If you are interested in this science, you may want to read more about it from the C'elle Client Testimonial.


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reanaclaire said...

Hi, I have added u as LauriLiaw in my kakinang column.. hope u add me as Claire? thanks .. have a nice weekend..

raptured dreams said...

yes I've read it too and it's very helpfull to women.. Passing by here Lauri
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