My Look

I happen to have a “mean” look. So if I don’t smile, and show my “friendly” look, most people will think that I am unapproachable. If I am interested in a certain person, I will normally smile at him to let him know that I am approachable. Then, when he starts talking to me, I will just flirt with the look in my eyes and words to achieve "Victory Hair" (“Victory Hair” is a situation when a man and a woman need to re-style their hair with VO5 because of the “activity” they just did, and no… I am not talking about sporting “activity”)

If he does not make the first move to talk with me, then I will think of something to open the conversation. Normally, after a few drinks and some meaningful conversation, they will admit that they didn’t make the first move to talk to me because they are afraid of my “mean” look. Only after I smile and talk to them, then they know that I am a nice girl and easy to talk to.

Anyway, if you like to flirt, why don’t you try an online game called Extreme Style by VO5: Ultimate Flirting Championship (located at You can practice your flirting skill there. I like this game because you can flirt around and have fun at the same time without worry about what other people think of you (in the real world you cannot flirt too much because people will think that you are cheap). Give it a try!

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Borneo Falcon said...

Nice refreshing look

Xiao-Kia said...

nice look. first time meet you ^^