Cartier Watches

The first time I had a watch was when I was 12 years old. My parent bought me a simple Seiko as a birthday present. I used that watch for 10 years, before I changed to another watch. Same brand but different model.

My first luxury watch was Cartier. I got it as a present from my parent when I was graduated from University.

Do you know the history of Cartier watch began in 1904? Alberto Santos-Dumont, an early pioneer of aviation, asked Cartier to design a watch that could be useful during his flights. Since pocket watches were not suitable, Louis Cartier created the Santos wrist-watch, which was also the first wrist-watch made for men. Santos first went on sale in 1911. Thus, Cartier established his first production of wrist-watches.

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Amy said...

The watchery is having all my favorite Cartier watches.