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My husband has a problem with his health, he is overweight and this is causing his blood pressure to be on the high side. Although he tried to reduce his weight by exercising daily, somehow he is still unable to reduce his weight. I suspect that it is because his job requires him to entertain customers with good dining therefore causing him to also overeat.

I worked as a marketer before, and I know that as a marketer, sometimes we have to entertain customers. Actually I had to entertain my customers almost everyday of the week. I had to bring them to nice restaurants. It cannot be helped that I had to eat high cholesterol foods and also foods rich in fat. Thus, I can imagine that my husband is also doing the same thing, eating unhealthy food, and food which is rich in cholesterol and fats.

We all know that overweight people are more likely to have high blood pressure. This is a major risk factor for both heart disease and stroke. Beside that they also have very high blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats). These can also lead to heart disease. Being overweight can also contribute to chest pains caused by decreased oxygen to the heart. The dangerous part is that they can have sudden death from heart disease or stroke without any signs or symptoms.

Reducing your weight by 5-10 percent can decrease your chances of developing heart disease or having a stroke. You can improve your heart function, blood pressure and your levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides.Now the problem is how to reduce weight. I found a site that gives us a simple diet which is idiot proof. is better than the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig diet because of its fat burning diet generator and the ultimate diet handbook it comes with.

How refreshing it is to find a diet that will help you lose weight and help you fix chronic illnesses like diabetes, adrenal fatigue, hormonal problems, etc.

If you want to find out more about it, you can go and check it out yourself.



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