Hard to Conceive

I have lots of friends that having problem to conceive. I am wondering whether difficult to conceive has something to do with being a working woman. As we all know that nowadays, we can not make a decent living if only the husband is working. Both must work in order to pay the bills, installment, and so on. My mom told me that in her days working women are hard to find. Mostly they just stay at home doing the housework.

One of my friends, after 2 years could not conceive, decided to quit her stressful job. Not long afterward, she was pregnant. I guess, it also depend on the job. If the job is stressful and required a lot of travelling, the chance of being pregnant is slim.



david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
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faye said...

Im one of those woman who hard to conceive..im 3 yrs married by nov, yeah maybe thats from work , when you work so hard or more hectic it is could be one of the causes.