Two days ago I lost my check book. It’s a new one, just received that day. I looked for it everywhere, but still could not find it, yet I had to open a check to pay my house insurance.

I was pretty sure that I left it downstairs and had not brought it up to my room. I checked everywhere (downstairs) and still could not find one.

I already thought to call the bank and asked them to send another one, until I cleaned my room, and …. I saw my checkbook under my older daughter table. How could I totally forget that I already brought it upstairs, I really have no ideas.



anneberly said...

sure Lauri we can xlink. Please buzz me when ur done ading my 4 sites. thank
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Mummy SHENG said...

hi! aside from the award, i also have a tag for you!

you're tagged!

bloggers recollections said...

hahah just like me, rotten brain too.. Forgeting everything and mess every schedule for the day. Just accpet who you are and peace after finding something that was just right infront of you.. lols. Have a great day Lauri
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