Advertise With SocialSpark

What is “SocialSpark”? Well, it’s a “social network” for advertisers and publishers (bloggers). So it’s essentially a matchmaking network for the blogger and the advertisers. Bloggers and advertisers can get to know each other better in this site.

Thus, if you are advertisers, and you want to advertise your site, product, services you can join SocialSpark. Here, you can make friendships with bloggers and even choose which blogger you want to write about your product.

I have already blogged about some of my favorite brands, like Dockers and Reader Digest. However, I also want to blog about other big brands. I would like to blog about my new Sony camera, about my Honda car, about my LV bag, about my Guerlain cosmetic, about my baby Avent milk bottle, about my Samsung cellular phone, about my DELL laptop, and so on.

I hope all these advertisers will join Socialspark someday. If they join SocialSpark and want me as blogger to write about their product, I will love to do it. Since I am personally using it, I will be able to review their product thoroughly. What is more powerful advertising, then a post from a happy customer?

So, Advertisers, if you read this, join so I can write about you!

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