My friend just told me that she is going to have Lasik. When I told my husband about it and asked him whether he is interested to have Lasik, he said that Lasik is for rich people, or for woman who wants to look pretty. As for him, well, he is happy with his glasses and no need to spend a fortune to do Lasik.

Although his argument seems make sense, however, if you add up the cost for glasses, exams, contacts, solutions, in the long run Lasik is not so bad.

Lasik in Walnut Creek, there are no down payment, no-interest financing is available and you can apply online so you know if you qualify even before you make an appointment. Payments are about $60 a month.

Lasik is not for everyone, but recovery is relatively quick, there is virtually no pain, and about 12 million people have had laser vision correction. Complications can happen, but are relatively rare.