Tulip Bulbs From Holland

Long time ago, when I went for holiday to Europe, Holland was my first country destination. This was my first overseas trip and I was so excited. It was spring time, and all the flowers were blooming nicely.

Then, I saw the famous flower, the one that I had been reading about and only abled to see it in the magazines. The Tulips! In real person… or should I say… in real flower…….Hahahahaha!

They are everywhere and so many colors. I believe I took so many photos of them with me posed in front of them like a model. Too bad, all the photos are in my parent’s house, otherwise I can scan it to post here.

History of Tulip
Do you know that tulip, introduced to Europe in the middle of the 16th century from the Ottoman Empire, experienced a strong growth in popularity in the United Provinces (now the Netherlands), boosted by competition between members of the upper classes for possession of the rarest tulips. Competition escalated until prices reached very high levels.

Where to Buy
Anyway, I found this site called GoodBulbs.com that selling Tulip bulbs. Their tulips bulbs come in from Holland, the Netherlands, at the beginning of the planting season. This means that if they sell out of a variety, it is almost surely gone for the year. So the only way to be sure you can get the kinds of tulips you want is to pre-order - before the ship sails from Holland.

You also can order their new Tulip Gardener Starter Kit. This has bulbs, fertilizer, a planter, and a pair of gloves. All this is packed in an eco-friendly 100%-cotton mesh reusable grocery bag.

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