Overweight Newborn?

On the last check up, my younger daughter weight was become 4.43 kg or 9.77 pounds. At birth she was 3.2 kg or 7.05 pounds. It means she gains about 2.72 pounds or about 33 ounces.

Here the article about newborn weight that I found:

In the first month of life, babies usually catch up and surpass their birthweight, then steadily continue to gain weight. A weight loss up to about 10 percent of birthweight is normal in the first two to three days after birth. However, the baby should have gained back to his/her birthweight by about the 10th or 11th day. While all babies may grow at a different rate, they should gain about 1 ounce each day up to 1 month of age.

Thus I think my baby surpass that 1 ounce a day gain.

Anyway, when I asked my pediatrician whether my baby is overweight, since she wants to drink milk all the time, she laugh and said that my baby weight is normal. She said that the first 3 months baby tend to drink a lot, but after that she might refused to drink milk. Thus, give her milk when she wants it now, since this is the opportunity to gain weight.