She Cut Her Own Hair!

Last Sunday, I got a shock of my life. My older daughter somehow managed to climb chair and took my scissor to cut her own hair. She cut all her fringe and some of the side. Ohhhh! I really really had a broken heart. Her hair is very long and nice. I never cut her hair since the day she born. I normally only trim her fringe every 2 months so it won’t get her eyes. Now all gone. It will takes months to grow back. And the side, it will take longer to grow back.

Now, she looks so horrible with no hair in the front. Not to mention one side is longer than the other side. Her father was also broken heart, because he admired her long hair and always liked to comb her hair.

Lucky thing that she didn’t hurt herself, because the scissor that she took was a very sharp scissor. Normally, I let her cut paper using scissor. I gave her special scissor for her to play. I always supervise her when she play with it. Recently, because she was naughty, I didn’t let her play with her scissor, who knows that she managed to get my scissor instead.