Decorative Wall

I am staying in a house with 4 rooms. There is one room downstairs and three rooms upstairs. Nobody stays in the room downstairs. Mainly we use it as a store room.

Upstairs, one room is occupied by my MIL and FIL. Me and my husband occupied in the other room. There is one empty room upstairs that we plan to use it as nursery room. At this moment both of our daughters sleep in the same room with us.

We actually already plan and discuss how we are going to decorate the nursery room. We will paint the wall white with pink accent. Probably paint 1 side of the wall pink as a point of attraction where we can hang their photos there.

Then I saw this:

Don’t you think it’s very pretty?

This site offers decorative Wall Letters and Art to Decorate Your Home. Their lettering gives you the hand painted look at a fraction of the cost and time and can be used on walls, furniture, mirrors and much more. You can choose from any of their standard quotes and designs or create your own. The best part about this product is all our letters and art designs are totally customizable. You can take your favorite quote, use your family name or child’s name or monogram and use that to decorate your home.

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Abby said...

Good words.