Need Help in Math?

Mathematics is my favorite subject. I used to love it until my last year in high school. I did not like the way my teacher explained it. Somehow he managed to make things more difficult. Then I lost interest and did not pay attention when he teached. Now the problem was, once you didn’t not understand the basic, you could not catch up. Until now, I really could not understand about integral, derivatives, etc.

As a mother of 2 young children, I don’t think I will have problem coaching them about mathematics up to middle school level. Above that, I am not really sure.

That is why I am so happy when I found MathVids. Unlike YouTube or Teachertube, is a website dedicated to providing free, high quality, instructional math videos from basic to middle school, high school, and college students.


This is How MathVids Works :
A.) Teachers creates videos and send them.
B.) You sign up for FREE or purchase a premium subscription.
C.) Students watch the videos and rate them.
D.) The great result is you will be more knowledgeable and understand the basic concepts of math.

Either you are a mother like me, student, teacher, or even principal, you will find that this site is very useful.

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