If These Pants Could Talk!

To tell you the truth, I am not a jeans person. I don’t look good wearing jeans. However, I do have several jeans and one in particular I wore it more often than the other. It is very comfy and looks not bad on me. OK, I admit it, I wore it EVERY time! If pants can talk, probably they are screaming already: Oh No! Not me again! Wear something else!

Ever wondering what a day in their life is like? My jeans will be started at 8 in the morning and ended at 8 at night. So it’s about 12 hours of work. During those 12 hours these pants have to endure all the abuse, they have to sit on dirty chair, nice chair, full of nails bench, full of ant bench, full of sticky candy sofa, and so on. Not to mention serve as a cleaner when your hand is wet or dirty and somehow you can not locate those tissues or towels. Yup! Not exactly a nice day for a pair of jeans.

Now, what a day of YOUR jeans is like? If you have interesting story, you can submit your story as a video to Dockers TV Commercial contest. So, if you think you have a talent in shooting your own video, then give Dockers contest a try. I'd love to see you win.


Oh, did I mentioned that if you won this Dockers contest, you stand a chance to appear in NBC and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". How cool would that be?

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