You Can Make A Difference

Sometimes we are wondering why so much problem in the world and why nobody take action. Actually we can create change, like what Reader’s Digest believes. There are so many examples why they believe that individual like us can make a difference in this world.

Check out - Make Your Mark (it’s new in Reader's Digest Homepage) and see what others are doing to make a difference.

There are a lot of story there. I particularly like the story about Chad and Michelle Bush.

Chad was a coach for youth sports and together the family participated in projects to rebuild low-income homes. But in the process of teaching their children to be community minded, the Bushes got a lesson themselves from their five-year-old daughter, Reilly.

Reilly was a little girl, full of life, whose sincerity was "way beyond her years," says her dad, Chad. It wasn't unusual to see her give away brand-new gifts to kids who she thought needed them more. Using her favorite word, she taught her family that life is "stupendous." When Reilly passed away unexpectedly from cardiac arrest from complications with the flu in 2007, her parents knew that they had to carry on her "life is stupendous" lesson.

Three weeks after the tragic loss of Reilly, Chad and Michelle made a commitment to give back to the community that had helped them in their time of need, and set up a foundation in Reilly's name. The Reilly C. Bush Memorial Foundation was established to carry on Reilly's spirit and to enrich the community by teaching children to help other children.

It’s a very empowering story and it makes you realized that we, normal people, can make a different. So do you!

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