Forget How to Look?

As I mentioned before in my previous post that I got another baby girl.
This is conversation between me and my older daughter:
DD (Darling Daughter): Mama, look! This is Banana.... (point at the banana picture)
Me : Yes! Very clever! (But, I did something else and didn't look at her)
DD : Mama, you didn't look at me. Please look at me!
Me : OK...OK... Wait! (still doing something else)
DD : Mama! How come now you forgot how to look at me?

I think it's my fault that I was ignoring her in the first place. I know that my older daughter feel unsecure about her position after the arrival of the new baby.
First she was not happy that she has to sleep with the grandparent for a week while I was in the hospital and the first few days afterward. She even said to her grandmother that mama and papa don't want her anymore.

When I was back home, I tried to be with her as much as I can like normally I did before the arrival of the new baby. I also tried to get her involved, like asked her to pass the milk bottle, or diaper, or just simply look the new baby together.

I hope she can get through this period fast.

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