Whether you are buying or investing in a commercial property or considering using the equity accumulated in your current facility to fund growth, learn about finance options that can support your needs with a simple application process, fast turnaround time, flexible rate options, long term repayment and borrowing capacities up to 97% of your property value.

A mortgage is a financing tool for long term real estate assets. Like a residential mortgage, a commercial mortgage provides a venue for financing a real estate purchase without tying up short term credit or large sums of cash that may be better utilized for other business purposes.

Also like a residential mortgage, once you have a commercial mortgage you may apply for a second mortgage when your property has accumulated sufficient equity that may be put to better use, such as a source of funds for financing growth opportunities.

If you are looking for Commercial Mortgage lender . GFC (General Finance Centre) can offer financing to suit your individual requirements.

The team at GFC offer immediate decisions in principle, whatever your business, whatever your status, whatever your security. Their aim is always to say yes.

General Finance Centre also has provided a wide range of commercial mortgage facilities for over 15 years. One of the key elements of their service is tailoring each mortgage to the individual requirements of the applicant. They realize that raising money against your commercial property is an important decision. That's why they offer certainty, flexibility and speed for all of our commercial mortgage applicants.

Whether you are a start up with no history at all, a well established company looking for extra money to expand, cheaper interest rates or even a business with a poor credit history it is their job to find that sometimes elusive source of finance.

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