Back to My Normal Weight

Last week, somehow I managed to get my original weight back. I can wear back all my old clothes. My gynea asked me how I managed to get back my original weight so fast? To tell you the truth, I don’t have secret recipe. I only gain 10 kg when I was pregnant. It’s all in the tummy. When the baby is out, I only have 5 kg to reduce, and now all gone.

Actually, since I was teenager I was always under weight. Even I ate a lot, I still could not gain weight. If I am not wrong, I was only 42 kg, and my height is 162 cm. Only when I lived in US, I gain some weight to become 48 kg, and I maintain it until now.

I don’t exercise. At one time, when I walked every morning with my hubby, my weight reduced to 46 kg. Then when I got pregnant, the first few months I got bad morning sickness. I lost weight further, until my gynea asked me to eat more, or eat whatever food I fancy. At that time, my hubby had to think hard to persuade me to eat. Since all the food that I craved he could not find in Malaysia, he searched for the recipe in the internet and cooked for me.

Anyway, I am happy that I don’t have overweight problem.