Anti-Aging Medicine

I got a friend from Thailand. She was my classmate. We were studying together in US. She loved to send me Jokes through email. Not anymore now, probably because she is too busy with work and family. Furthermore, the sad thing was, I lost all those jokes collection when my laptop crashed.

Recently, I found out that Reader's Digest have a site called Reader’s Digest Laughs. From the name, you know that’s exactly what you'll get! If you go to RD Laughs Main page, you will find out that has a huge library of jokes and anecdotes (including those submitted by readers), humorous Stand-up Videos, hilarious Funny Cartoons galleries, funny photo contests, and more! One of my favorite one is School Joke- lost in transalation which was truly funny.

So want a dose of this anti-age, free, and sweet medicine? Well it's easy as a click of your mouse. You can go to their site, log on and enjoy the fun as much as you can. They have plenty of it. Else, you can subscribe to their newsletter and get copy right in your mailbox every week. It will make you smile in the middle of your hectic day.

Oh, one more thing, you also can submit your own joke and stand a chance to win $100. Now what are you waiting for? Get on. Laughter was never easier !!

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