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If you have direct marketing business, this is good news for you. You can purchase your marketing data and mailing list from is a leading provider of direct marketing lists for both consumer and business-to-business marketing. They specialize in both calling and mailing list for a huge variety of industries. For example, they have:

Over 200 Million Consumer Sales Leads
Their consumer database and mailing lists are directly compiled from numerous sources and updated monthly.
Over 15 Million Business Prospects
Target your B2B list by industry, main contact, annual sales volume, employee size, and many other great filters.
Mortgage Calling Lists & Leads
Their mortgage database is directly compiled from public records, credit bureaus tax data and much more.
Telemarketing list
New homeowner mailing list
Residential mailing list

At, their mission is to provide high quality lists at low prices without sacrificing personalized service. What seperates them from nearly every other data provider is that they assign direct marketing experts to every client, big and small and still deliver rock bottom pricing. Not only they have the most comprehensive and largest business and consumer databases but they also filtering the data to give you the best chance of success in the competitive world of direct marketing.

How to place an order?
When you inquire about a direct marketing list, whether for calling, mailing, or both, you will be contacted by an expert direct marketing representative. You will define the exact prospect that you wish to target and will be provided suggestions to maximize your ROI. If you need any mailing list information or have questions about telemarketing data, never hesitate to ask.
After deciding on the specifications of your custom made list, they will compile a fresh list based on your unique needs.

Remember, direct marketing is a numbers game. No matter how you narrow your prospects down, you simply need to reach out to a good amount of contacts to enjoy success.

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