Story of My Compact Powder

I had a funny story regarding my compact powder. Well! It was not exactly funny, but at least for me it was.

Actually I bought this compact powder by mistake. I was in a business trip to US, and was on transit in Japan airport, Narita. There was a cosmetic shop there. Since at that time I used one of Japanese brand skin care, I thought I wanted to buy some there, since I was in Japan off course the price should be cheaper, right?

When I calculated and exchanged the currency to my currency, I found out everything was very cheap. Then I spotted one of compact powder that was very interesting, the brand was Guerlain. Well, not actually Japanese brand, but since it was cheap and the packaging was very pretty, I thought why not. Then I bought one. After I bought this compact powder, I thought I also wanted several of the skin care as gift.

Suddenly, I heard somebody’s conversation behind me:
"What is the exchange rate now?”
"Oh it's 1 USD = .... Yen”

I forgot exactly how much, but the point was, my calculation was totally wrong. I was missing 1 zero behind. Now everything was become too expensive. Luckily, I haven't bought the skin care, but I already bought the compact powder and I could not return it.

Well, it was already 8 years ago, and I am still using it. Of course the original compact powder already long gone, and I already bought many refills. The refill itself was not so expensive.