This is conversation between me and hubby:

Hubby: What are you doing in front of computer there?

Me: Oh, I am checking out other people's blog

Hubby: Why do you like to read other people's blog so much? Better you take care of your baby

Me: Wah! There is a new blog dedicated about car!

Hubby: Where, Where...! I want to see!

If you are crazy about car, or you know somebody that crazy about car (your father, brother, or husband), there is a new site dedicated to blog about car called Modded Autos. Check them up!

MA (short for was founded on March 3rd, 2008 by Joe Hayes. Their goal is to ultimately provide wide coverage of all automobile makes and models, as well as motorcycles and ATV’s.

You can join their forum there and meet and discuss about car with car enthusiast all over the world.