Looking for Diabetes Recipes?

I had neighbor that has diabetes. She really had to watch out what she ate. Mostly, she only eat vegie and a bit of rice, everyday. I remembered asking her, whether she was not bored only eat like that. She said she had no choice as she want to stay healthy.

If you have diabetes, you can visit RD.com - Managing Diabetes. They have a good site about managing diabetes. You can get more detailed information on understanding why your blood sugar matters and how it affects your overall health. You can familiarize yourself with what the Glycemic Index (GL) is. GL is an important factor in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. You also can find tips to exercise safely.

Not only you find detailed information about diabetes, you also can find hundreds of recipes suitable for diabetic person. Not only plenty of yummy recipes, in RD.com - Diabetes Friendly Foods, the recipes always updated, so you should bookmark it. Now even you are diagnosed with diabetes, it doesn't mean that you can not eat a good variety of dishes. You still can eat good food and still maintain your blood sugar.

Pssst.... Not only main dishes, they also have the recipes for desserts, like: Maple-Walnut Roasted Apple. Hmmm Yummy!

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