Halloween Costumes

What are you planning to do in October? Yup, what I mean is on Halloween night. Do you plan to wear any costume? I don’t think I am going to wear any. I am too old to wear any sexy halloween costumes. However it doesn’t stop me to search for ideas to make Halloween costume for my daughters.

Instead of finding idea, look what I have found: An online Halloween costume shop called Costume Cauldron. They have wide selections of costumes. They have costume for infant and pet also. Why infant and pet need to wear costume? Infant is cute enough, why do they need to suffocate themselves wearing costume.

Look at below photo for the sample of their selection:

I don’t think it’s cute. Yes, the model is cute, but that's it. The costume itself is not very cute. I can make costume cuter than that. Yes! No problem. I know how to sew. The only problem is I can not sew straight. However, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Who will inspect the costume anyway, right?

How about this sexy halloween costumes for me?
Yeah sure! I need to exercise my abs to be able to wear this costume. I don’t think they sold many of thos costume anyway. Not many people have the body to be able to wear it. Hmmm, probably I can ask for lower price.

As for my husband, I think I will buy this one:
Hahahahaha! Very ugly costume. No need to buy one, just ask him to wear his pajamas, white shirt, and his “too tight” vest. As for the mask. No need to wear mask, I think he looks like Shrek already.

If you want to see what other “Ugly” selections they have, you can go to their site and have fun look through all the costumes. After all it’s Halloween, and Halloween is a joyous occasion and wearing costumes during Halloween will lift anyone’s spirits including yours.