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Since last year, I tried to sell my knitting pattern online. Since it is a PDF file, there was no need for me to print out. If people bought my pattern, I just sent it out by email.

Recently, I got a wholesale order from one of yarn shop in US. This order required me to print out my pattern. Now, average my pattern has 20 pages. I got total order 20 patterns. Thus total that I have to print was 400 pages. All full color. Now, this is my first experience of selling wholesale, thus, I have to calculate my cost before I can quote my price to the buyer.

After calculating, I found out that the ink was the main factor of the final cost. We all know that ink cartridge cost a lot.


However, I found this company that sells very cheap cartridge. I normally bought color ink cartridge for my Canon Pixma Inkjet for USD 25, they price only USD 7.49,- Yes, you read correctly! It’s 70% cheaper!

To tell you the truth, before read their warranty, I am skeptical about their ink quality. What is their warranty you ask?

Price: If you find the exact same Pacific Ink product for less somewhere else we will refund you 100% of the difference (the price guarantee does not apply to printer manufacturer (OEM) brand cartridges).

Quality: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the printer cartridge you purchased from Pacific Ink, we will replace it right away or provide your money back - no questions asked. We offer this guaranteed 65 days from the day you make your purchase.

Your Printer: We guarantee your printer! We are so confident in the quality of the printer cartridges we offer that if a licensed technician determines that a cartridge purchased from Pacific Ink is the direct source of any problem with your printer we will replace your printer or reimburse you for the repair at our cost. Reimbursement will be made up to $100.00. Any repairs exceeding $100.00 will not be reimbursed unless authorized in writing by Pacific Ink prior to repairs being made.

How great!!

Besides canon ink cartridges, they also carry epson ink cartridges , dell printer cartridges, and others too. You should check it out yourself. They have a very large selection.

By the way, did I mention about FREE DELIVERY if you are a member?

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Anonymous said...

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