Crossed Eyed?

My mother in law last time, whenever she saw a baby she always commented: That baby has crossed eyes. If only one to two times, I can understand, but this is EVERY TIME.

Then when I got have first daughter, my mother in law, my mother in law’s sisters, my brother in law and my sister in law, also commented that my daughter had crossed eyes. Of course they didn’t say it in front of me directly, but I still could hear them.

I felt funny that how come they always commented crossed eyes on babies. Then I did a bit of research. Here are what I found:

Newborn babies not only have unique reflexes, but also have a number of physical characteristics and behaviors that include the following:
- Head sags when lifted up, needs to be supported
- Turns head from side to side when lying on his stomach
- Eyes are sometimes uncoordinated, may look cross-eyed
- Initially fixes eyes on a face or light then begins to follow a moving object
- Beginning to lift head when lying on stomach
- Jerky, erratic movements
- Moves hands to mouth