About Musis Lessons

We have a piano in our house, but nobody can play it anymore. My MIL told me that she sent both her sons (one of them is my husband) to learn how to play the piano, but I guess both of them have forgotten how to play it already.

I am planning to send both of my daughters to for piano lessons someday when they are old enough to learn. I heard that Amadeus Home Music School provides quality music lessons, and they can also provide private music lessons at our venue of choice which is in our house. I think, this arrangement suites me very well as I can monitor my daughter’s progress in the convenience of my own home.



Constance Chan said...

music lessons are suppose to improve some cognitive ability too with all the note reading.

iceah said...

loving music is one thing and learning is another c: ask them first if they are interested so you won't be frustrated and they get to decide as well c:

Skip Walker said...

Please, before doing business with this company, take a moment and review the info at the Better Business Bureau at: http://newjersey.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=89&bbb=0221&firm=27003613

I am in the middle of a horror story with these people.