Magic Wand

One of my eldest daughter’s favorite animated movie is Cinderella. She has been wishing for a magic wand like the Cinderella’s fairy godmother for a long time. Since one of her Disney activity book had instructions how to make a magic wand, yesterday I spent the afternoon making a magic wand with her. She cut out the stars and I put them together to make a magic wand.

After it’s done, she said: “Hmmmm, now I can just say “bibbedi… bobbedi…boo” and no need to do my homework….”



Tey said...

I wish magics ike this can be true. With the spin of the wand everthing wil be there as you wish..lols.. Happy wekkend to you Lauri
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Renée aka Mekhismom said...

That is too cute!