Secret Of Viral Campaign

Nowadays, people are being bombarded by advertising. Unless the advertising is interesting, we tend to ignore them. That is why people are dying to know the secret of viral marketing.

Viral marketing describes any efforts that encourage people to pass a certain message to other people through the internet. The idea is to pass the message along to as many people as possible through the internet. Off course in order for people to pass a certain message, they have to like what they read, hear, or see. The real intent of the message is to advertise a certain product, but if you can make the advertisement attractive, or include a certain element that attracts people to read, hear, or watch it, there is a good chance that your advertisement can spread very fast.

After years and years of research attempting to answer the causes for something to go viral, Yovia has developed a methodology called “Social Velocity”. This new social media tells us why something spreads. It helps us to actually predict viral growth.

As a way to introduce this methodology, they are pleased to begin accepting applicants for their 2009 YouTube Social Velocity Experiment. During this experiment, they will personally work with you to model your social community via YouTube – and grow a community around your brand as you go. We have found that YouTube provides the perfect environment for testing and understanding viral growth.





Signe said...

It's amazing how YouTube has changed things so much!
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