Making Ice Cream

Yesterday, my hubby suddenly wanted to make ice-cream. After going to the pediatrician for the rotar virus and the last dose of Hepatitis B vaccination for my baby, we dropped by the supermarket and bought the ingredient such as milk, strawberry, and cream. When we arrived home, he immediately started to make the ice cream while I bathed both of my daughters. By the time we finished our lunch, my eldest daughter wanted to eat the ice cream already, although it was still not frozen yet, but who cares as it tasted good already. I love strawberry ice cream, especially the one that used real strawberry.

When I was a kid, there was this ice cream parlor place that my parents used to bring me every week. The table and chair were made of rattan and there was no air con, only ceiling fans. It’s a simple place but the taste of the ice cream was wonderful. It’s so delicious that I never get enough of it.

The last time I went back home with my hubby, we visited that place again. Everything has remained the same although 30 years have already passed. The same style of furniture is still being used and even the waiter’s uniforms look the same. My hubby also fell in love with the taste of the ice cream. We visited my home country for 10 days and every day we went there for the ice cream.