Choosing Daycare Center

If you are a working mom, you have to make a very difficult decision which is to choose a good daycare center. Don’t be afraid to be very picky and open your ears very wide for any comments or suggestions. Even a slight rumor is worth it to investigate. Don’t be shy to ask other moms. Start to inquire about it six months before you’ll need childcare.

Below is the list of warning signs that you must to look out for. If you see any of these sign in your daycare that you investigate, then keep looking for other daycares:

1. A so-so reputation
2. Loose rules
3. A questionable curriculum
4. An inadequate staff
5. An undercompensated staff
6. Dirty, unsafe facilities
7. An expired license

Even after you have chosen your daycare, you must keep your eyes and ears open. Inspect your child after you bring her/him home and always listen to their complaints (if they can talk already).