What I Want

My birthday has already passed, but if somebody asked me what I want for my birthday, I will answer that I want 24 hours for myself. The last time I got time all 24 hours for myself was about 4 years ago, before I got my eldest daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughters and I love my life, but sometimes I miss my old days, where I could just relax and do nothing, or re-read my favorite books, or watch old favorites movies.

I think 24 hours is more than enough, because if it is longer I will miss both my daughters terribly, besides too much free time can also be boring.

I am hoping that my hubby reads this entry and gives 24 hours of free time to me by taking care of the children. Hmmmm…. But I think even if he reads this, he will pretend that he did not read it.



Jolly Mom said...

I want 24 hours too! If you figure out how to get it, please let me know : )

fiona said...

haha.. i want 24 hours too even though i am not married yet.. but then no one can get 24 hours jst to do nothing yea... but i find it funny about u saying of ur hubby.. i totally agree with u.. guys will jst act don't knw.. haha..

MsSheepy said...

sometime i will force my hubby to read my blog rather than me having to say the words out :)