Tips On Strolling With Your Child

When you use a stroller to go out with your child, make sure you do the followings:

Stop Mechanism
This is very important as you must put on the stop mechanism even if you stop for a few second

Safety Belt
This is also a must. Always buckle up your child every time he or she is in the stroller

Check for stability by hanging something on the back of the stroller to see if it remains stable

A stroller can be easily unbalanced by a restless child who tries to stand up. Interest your child with toys so that he/she will be preoccupied.

Going out for a stroll means taking along your child’s needs, such as diapers, toys, a change of clothes, which may tip even the sturdiest strollers. So buy one that has some storage space under the seat.

Make sure your child is within sight when getting in and out of your car. Don’t park the stroller behind the parked car. Secure your child in the car seat before your deal with your shopping things.

Road Safety
Never wait on the road while waiting to cross the road. The kerb is the best place to wait.

Collapsible stroller
Collapsible stroller can easily snap back into place, so make sure they are opened up fully and locked in the open position.



Anygen said...

Nice tips in here...even though i dont have kids yet but nice to be aware:-)Great!

Maeyo said...

Thanks for the tips. I sure need them. Great stuff.