Bath Time!

Yesterday I managed to give both of my dogs a bath yesterday. This was my first experienced in giving a bath to a dog. I had never given a bath to a dog before and yesterday I managed to give both of them a bath all at once.

The last time they had a bath was something like 3 months ago. Since I took over caring for the dogs, I have only fed them and got rid of their poo, but had never bathed them before.

I decided to give them a bath because I could not stand their awful smell anymore. I thought that not giving a bath to the dogs for 3 months was awful and I was afraid people will accuse me for being an un-responsible dog owner. However, after looking it up on the internet, it seems that we cannot give a bath to dogs too often as it will dry up their skin. Once their skin dries up, they will keep scratching and it will irritate the skin (and I thought that giving them a bath everyday will make them stop scratching).

Anyway, unlike all the movies I have watched or the books I read that, implied that dogs don’t like to take a bath, and that we have to chase after them to give them a bath, my Rottweiler stood still all the time while I was bathing him actually until I was done with him. My Labrador tried to run away once, but after I scolded him, he also stood still nicely. After the bath both of them smelled nice, but the next day, they smelled like dogs again.