How To Prevent Your Child to Look At Porn

It is very difficult nowadays to protect our kid from pornography exposure. With the convenience of the internet, it’s very easy for children to be exposed to pornography.

So, if you are really concerned about Internet safety and keeping your family safe from Internet pornography, you need to get both a filter and a pornography detection tool like SurfRecon. Filters can block access to pornographic websites, but it can be bypassed. SurfRecon allows you to scan a computer and detect porn to see if any pornographic images are hiding in your computer.

I think it's a good idea to put the computer in the living room and not in the children room. That way, we can always check on what our kids are doing on their computer. After all it’s our responsibility as parents to keep a vigilant lookout and continue to check on our children activities.



Matthew Yarro said...

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