My Baby Head Is Not Even

My baby has a flat spot on one side of her head. This condition is called “positional plagiocephaly” (play-gee-o-SEFFah-lee). Actually her head was in perfect shaped when she was born, but the first few months I always put her head to the right side during night times (facing me) so I can see her face at night to make sure that she was breathing and there wasn’t anything blocking her nose and mouth. During the day, I put her head to the left side to make sure that her head is even. Despite my efforts her head is still flat on the right side.

Now I tried to position her head more on the left side. It’s quite difficult now that she is 4 months, every time I position her head to the left she is strong enough to move her head back to the right although I already put a small pillow to prevent her to turn to the right.



Eryn at said...

This is pretty common, most kids get a flat (and bald) spot on the back of their heads at some point.

Don't worry!