Join The Game

For some people, playing games is a way to relax their mind, to keep the stress down and to keep their mind focused. Playing games is like taking a break from the real world plus all its problems and having a short vacation in a virtual world.

If you like to play games but don’t want to pay for it, then you should go to and download the game called Crowns of Power. You can download this game for free, except the time it takes to download the game. There is no monthly fee or charges of any kind.

It features an extensive 3D world, filled with amazing landscapes and environments. The game world is being designed to support hundreds of players simultaneously, with the network capacity to support many game servers. Players will meet up with others from all over the world to fight side by side or opposite one another on the field of battle. My character in this game is “Lorraine.” You can download the game and create your own character. If you let me know your characters name, we can complete quests together. The bigger the team we have in the game, the faster we can complete the quests. I will be waiting for you in the game.