Eating Crabs

On Sunday, after watching a cooking show where the host demonstrated how to cook crab dishes, my husband suddenly wanted to eat crab. He went to the market and bought 11 crabs. Out of 11 crabs, 5 of them were the type which had roe in them. He baked these 5 crabs and the rest, half he cooked with black pepper and the other half he cooked with sweet and sour sauce.

My favorite dish is the baked crab. I just love the sweet taste of baked plain crab and they just taste fresh and delicious. My favorite part is the shell where you can find all the tasty juicy innards and roe.

I gave my eldest daughter a bit of the roe and the flesh, and she said: Hmmmmm, nice. However, when I asked her whether she wants some more she said: No Thanks (It means that she doesn’t like it). Oh well, I also didn’t like crabs when I was her age.

I am beginning to wonder, when we were kids and we could eat all these yummy high cholesterol food, why we didn’t like it, but when we older and are not suppose to eat so much of it, we enjoy it.



reanaclaire said...

Lauri, i need yr advice.
I have 2 blogs under SS.. I have done the Theatre church post in my blog and now they gave me the same opportunity to post again. Can I do the same post on my 2nd blog? Will i be penalised to do same posts on 2 separate blogs?
Hope u can advise me .. thank you so much..can u pls reply in my cbox? thanks..

sasha said...

I am also craving for crabs and I just might eat one tomorrow :)